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Computerization Systems

The INEC Company is involved in designing and introducing unique integrated information and analytical systems of Analytical Registry series to computerize administration activities.

Analytical Registry series is intended to serve:

  • bodies of government authority
  • financial and industrial groups
  • holdings
  • business banks
  • major business groups
  • enterprises and organizations

Every system within this series represents an individual Analytical Registry modification designed by our company's experts and customized to meet each client's demands.

.:: Analytical Registry systems feature large potentialities

It provide for:

  1. collecting, storing and processing information necessary to make opportune management decisions of high-quality;
  2. setting up analytical procession of information available at all levels, from building up and obtaining necessary reports to advanced simulation of management decisions;
  3. enhancing quality of governmental authorities', enterprises' and organizations' analytical and managerial activity by implementing state-of-the-art information technology solutions as well as bringing tactical and strategic analytics up to a higher-quality level.

Information and analytical systems for administration activities computerization may be easily modified and supplemented by necessary components - standard system and office software, electronic document-control subsystem, legal database, electronic accounting etc. - as well as completed with necessary computer and network equipment. Analytical Registry series may be easily integrated into available computerization systems in service.

.:: Best-known Analytical Registry series versions in service

  • Designing the concept and integrated action plan to build up a system for monitoring financial and economic activities of public-sector enterprises. Government Contract No 2, 3, 4, 4/58 dated June 21, 2002 within the frame of the Federal Target Program Electronic Russia under order of the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation (second half of the year 2002)
  • System for monitoring and planning activities of state unitary enterprises and joint stock companies being under government control as well as those in municipal sector on behalf of the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation. Government Contract No 2.4.1/4 dated July 1, 2002 within the frame of the research project under order of the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation (second half of the year 2002)
  • System for monitoring agribusiness enterprises and organizations. In December 2002 the INEC Company won a tender to supply integrated software System for monitoring agribusiness enterprises and organizations to the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation
  • System for computerizing the Moscow Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Committee. Implemented by INEC in association with the Information technology center of the Moscow Mayor's Office (Versions of this type can be efficiently used by financial and industry groups, holdings, banks and other big businesses.
  • Information computer system of the Science and Industry Department (SID)
  • Computerized information-analysis control system of the Committee for reforming defense industry enterprises (CRDI), located in the City of Moscow
  • Information-analysis subsystem for reforming the status of consumer-market and services enterprises, being in operation in the frame of the consumer-market information system (CMIS) introduced into commercial operation
  • Registry of reliable partners - computer-assisted system for passportization and analysis of economic entities on behalf of the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation (CCI) and regional chambers developed in three versions: mini, midi and maxi.
  • System for monitoring economic entities of a city, region, or economic branch in order to support administration decisions made by Administrations bodies, ministries, agencies. (This technology is efficient when being used to hold registries of bank clients and potential borrowers, build credit history, select most reliable and safe credit objects)
  • Setting up a data storage for information and analysis systems of the Moscow Government's bodies

Modification and introduction of information and analysis systems of the series mentioned is carried out by the department for computerized information systems. This department is staffed with qualified IT professionals, who meet high up-to-date education standards and boast huge experience and length of work and cooperation with Russian and international governmental and business organizations.

Computerization services are priced individually for each customer depending on relative works structure, volume and schedule, source information accessibility, scope of individual customization and quantity of modules developed additionally, database spread-out.

Successful performance of the works is preconditioned by close cooperation with the client that starts with problem definition and conceptual study. Conceptual study is scheduled according to complexity of challenges met by the Customer and continues between 1 and 3 months.

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